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Tips on Avoiding Stress or De-Stressing

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We all may have favorite ways we can avoid stress or de-stress but we often forget to engage in these habits when we get busy or, ironically, over-stressed. Some helpful tips to remember are as follows:

  1. Find de-stressing activities that are helpful but may not require a lot of time, given that lack of time is often the reason for the stress. Some of the favorites I've done and have heard from clients are taking a bubble bath with lavender oil, stretching and deep breathing for 10 minutes, or doing a short guided imagery exercise in which you imagine yourself in a relaxed state.

  2. Try to avoid having too high of expectations for yourself or your loved ones. Often times stress results from our expectations not being met.

  3. Don't overcommit and learn to say "no" - avoid the stress of committing yourself to too many responsibilities in order that you are not worn too thin and to ensure that you still have time for yourself. If you are in a situation in which you happen to have too many responsibilities for which you feel obligated, consider working toward delegating or minimizing some of the responsibilities, if possible.

  4. Seek therapy if you find that you are having a difficult time managing your stress level or being able to de-stress. Sometimes stress can result in a negative impact on our lives and, if this is the case, we can always consider gaining some assistance in processing what might work for us individually to help reduce the impact.

  5. Be patient with yourself as you develop a good plan for avoiding stress or de-stressing. It can take time to create new habits but if we stick with it we will reap the benefits and learn how to take care of ourselves.

  6. Maintain self awareness and understand what works for you. It may be different than that of someone else.

What works for you particularly in terms of avoiding stress or de-stressing?

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