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Unlock the potential of your mental health with Deeper Insights Therapy.

Joining in Your Journey

~When enough webs of a spider join, they can trap a lion.

     ~Ethiopian proverb

Hi, I'm Heather

Deeper Insights Therapy of Orlando.  Meet Heather Burroughs.

I am a clinician who joins you in the therapeutic process.  This is your process and I help to facilitate your growth and healing with my training and experience.

I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), which means I have completed a Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW), a clinical internship, two years of clinical supervision post MSW, and passed a clinical exam for licensure.  I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2 (CCTP-II).


I have over 25 years of experience in community settings, including hospitals and hospice, and private practice.  I have helped clients through life transitions, grief and loss,  relationship issues, social phobia, depression, anxiety, trauma, career decisions and performance anxiety issues (sports, academic).  

I am a qualified supervisor for registered clinical social work interns and clinical mental health interns. This credential required two years post LCSW experience along with a focused training.  It allows me to supervise individuals who are working toward their licensure either as an LCSW or an LMHC.

​I have over 10 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels in clinical social work and professional counseling programs.  I bring this into my treatment process by providing psychoeducation about mental health challenges, prevention and treatments.

 I believe you have the answers within you and having a safe, nonjudgmental space with a trained clinician using evidence based interventions can help unbury or develop deeper insights and strengths.  It is my honor and privilege to join you in your healing process.


I offer individual therapy via Telehealth.  While these sessions are virtual, a calm, therapeutic, and safe setting is provided.

In Person: 

 I provide face to face sessions on Mondays at 1806 Town Plaza Court, Winter Springs,  Fl. 32708. 

More to Come! 

I work with the following.... 

Trauma Survivors

Individuals Experiencing Anxiety

Those Overcoming Mood Disorders

College Students and Others Navigating Stressors and Transitions

Individuals with Complex Medical Issues/Disabilities and their Caregivers 

Those Dealing with Grief and Loss

  • Why can it be helpful to understand the therapeutic process?
    I believe it is important that you understand the process of therapy and how your work with me can help in addressing your issues. There is a very clear and evidence based therapeutic process and each therapist has an individual style on how to implement this in treatment. Also, I like to provide education on the techniques that I commonly use.
  • What does the process of therapy look like?
    Assessment: An assessment of needs is completed in order to understand your background, the reasons for entering therapy and your goals for therapy. I like to understand the challenges you are experiencing as well as the strengths you have. In addition to gathering information on your cognitive and psychological functioning, I consider cultural, environmental and social factors that can impact mental health. Information will be gathered in a respectful, sensitive manner and you not be asked to disclose information beyond your comfort level. Treatment: Treatment involves the actual therapy sessions you will be attending with me. We will determine together the frequency, number and length of sessions. This is where you will have the opportunity to process through your thoughts, feelings and experiences. I will provide active listening, reflection and validation as you do this. I will ask deeper, carefully tailored questions specific to you to allow for you to gain insight. This allows for you to begin the process of self exploration, to continue to build on your insights. I attempt to empower you to create solutions by recognizing, developing and utilizing your strengths and resources, which we often forget about during crises. I believe you are the expert on your own life and treatment process and have the answers within yourself - we work together to find them. I may provide strategies you can practice between sessions and when we come back together we can discuss whether or not they were effective for you. ​ You may find that it is difficult to talk about certain subjects and that unpleasant emotions may surface - we will work at your speed and it is encouraged to engage in a lot of self care if these emotions surface. You also may find that you have bursts of insight and clarity throughout the process - it is encouraged to make note of these and continue to build on them in sessions. Closure: Once you determine that your goals have been met, we can close out our sessions. We will review your plan and solutions in order that we are on the same page and you have a guideline to which you can refer to after treatment. Follow Up: You can reach back out to me if you feel you need a refresher or to work on another goal.
  • What therapeutic methods are utilized in our sessions together?
    The approaches used and your treatment plan is as unique as you are as an individual. I will use evidence based theories to help in guiding your journey to healing and self discovery. Some of the approaches might include: Trauma Informed Approaches ~Utilizing a trauma informed approach, which focuses in part on psychoeducation on trauma, identifying triggers, increasing body awareness as it relates to the trauma, and emotional regulation techniques. Concepts are based on a 50 hour training course I recently completed with Janina Fisher, PhD ( This course qualified me to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II (CCTP-II). How trauma memories are stored in our body ​ Person-centered ~Offering reflection, validation, unconditional positive regard and empathy. Person Centered Therapy - Video with Carl Rogers ​ Strengths and empowerment based perspectives ~Focusing on your existing strengths and empowering for action steps. During a crisis, we often forget about our own strengths and bringing light to these can help us know how to use them to address our current issues.​ ​ Psychoeducation ~Providing education on symptomology and treatment process. Gaining understanding can help reduce anxiety, help you feel in control and know what might be effective in addressing your issues. Mind-body connection concepts ~Identifying and managing bodily reactions associated with symptoms of anxiety or depression. Bringing awareness to this can help us identify when a feeling is brewing and assist in managing our behavioral reactions associated with this feeling. ​ Mindfulness ~Discussing meditation techniques to "stay in the moment", which often helps in reducing anxiety. Psychocybernetics and Self Image Psychology ~Educating on and providing exercises on improving self image and performance based on the work by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. The 12 Lessons of Psycho Cybernetics Self Image Psychology ​ Guided imagery ~Providing guidance and scripts on being able to imagine improved functioning in your area of concern. Guided Imagery Guided imagery on acceptance and letting go ​ Cognitive behavior therapy ~Examination of your thoughts and exercises designed to help change your thoughts if they are negatively impact your feelings and actions. This can include cognitive restructuring and reframing. Systems theory ~Since our environmental factors can often impact our psychological functioning, evaluating for and implementing changes in our environment can often alleviate psychological distress - discussion on your specific circumstances can help to assess this and assist you in developing action steps to make needed changes or secure the resources needed. Additionally, I focus on the interplay of the various dimensions of our health (psychological, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual) and help clients conceptualize how they are potentially affecting one another.
  • Payment Information, Insurance and Privacy Policies
    Self pay rates for the following states: Florida, Alabama, Arizona, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, North Carolina ~My self pay rate is $120 per session. During your first session mention Code 20selfpay for a 20% discount for your first two sessions. Insurances accepted in the following states: Florida, Alabama, Arizona, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, North Carolina Insurances accepted: · · UnitedHealthcare · Oxford Health Plans · Cigna · Aetna · UMR · Oscar · UHC Student Resources · AllSavers UHC · Meritain · Nippon · United Healthcare Shared Services · Surest (Formerly Bind) · Health Plans Inc. · UnitedHealthcare Global · Christian Brothers Services - Aetna · Trustmark Health Benefits - Aetna · Trustmark Health Benefits - Cigna · Trustmark Small Business Benefits - Aetna · Health Scope – Aetna · Optum Live & Work Well (EAP) Out of Network (I can assist in completing the paperwork needed by your insurance company for out of network benefits.) Cancellation fee (if not cancelled 24 business hours in advance): $120 I comply with HIPPA standards of privacy as follows:


I am licensed to provide therapy in multiple states. See if I am licensed in your state... 2010             Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Florida, License #: SW9936 2012             Qualified Supervisor for LCSW and LMHC Registered Interns, State of Florida  2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Tennessee, License #: LSW000008262 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of California, License #: 109800 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of North Carolina, License #: C015581 2022             Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of South Carolina, License #:  15319 2022              Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Oklahoma, License #: 8677 2022              Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Missouri, License #: 2022023642 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Mississippi, License #: C10309 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Kansas, License #: LSCSW05951 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Louisiana, License #: 17555 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Arizona, License #: LCSW-20764 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Alabama, License #: 5049C 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Utah, License #: 12837509-3501 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Iowa, License #: 114681 2022               Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Illinois, License #: 149024672 2022               Application for LCSW in Georgia will be submitted in Jan. 2023

Training and Certifications

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II (CCTP-II #246594)

Professional Affiliations
Florida Mental Health Counselor's Association

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