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Life Transitions

~ Change is not a threat.  It’s an opportunity.  Survival is not the goal.  Transformative success is.        ~Seth Godin

Autumn Road

Life transitions can include but are certainly not limited to adapting to and from college, shifting to working from home, adjusting to a new illness, becoming a caregiver, losing a loved one or going through a divorce/estrangement from family members. 


 Many of us can recognize the various life transitions that might have resulted from the recent pandemic. And we may still be making adjustments accordingly.  


An array of feelings might accompany these transitions.  Sometimes anxiety and depression can occur during these times that can impact our functioning.  


Life transitions can shake our central nervous system and we are left trying to determine how we are going to pick up the pieces and move forward.  We wonder if we will ever feel ourselves again. 


We can, however, restore our sense of balance and make healthy decisions during the process of change.

Therapy Can Help To: 

  • Remember our strengths that can assist us through challenging times

  • Understand our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and make sense of the change

  • Gain knowledge on emotional regulation techniques to feel more in control of our decisions and behaviors

  • Regain our normal level of functioning

Our Work Together Could Entail:  

  • Active listening, validation and normalization of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be provided.

  • Deeper questions can be used to help in coming to an understanding of what you’ve experienced and where you want to go from here.

  • Strategies to address depression and anxiety can be provided.  See more on my specialties page for anxiety and mood disorders on this.

  • Evidence based theories include:  Client Centered, Polyvagal Theory, Guided Imagery, Mindfulness

Helpful Resources 

Videos and Articles Coming Soon...

Upcoming Groups and other offerings 

~Provided as more information is available.

You can achieve balance and regain yourself...

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