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Finding the right therapist

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Choosing the right therapist can be essential in your quest for self discovery and improvement. The following are considerations to keep in mind:

  1. What style are you seeking? Do you prefer a therapist who lets you process through your thoughts, feelings and emotions to come to your own conclusion with a little guidance and interpretation? Or do you prefer someone who is more directive and involved in giving advice?

  2. What is your learning style and how do you grow? Are you more introspective and develop insights based on reflection and possibly journaling? If so, you might consider a therapist who uses more of a client centered (Rogerian) approach. Or, do you prefer to have more concrete activities, such as worksheets, you can use to develop and practice your skills? If so, you might consider a therapist who is trained in cognitive behavior therapy.

  3. What is your "feeling" with the individual therapist? Do you feel at ease? Do you feel challenged? What else might you "feel"? What "feeling" are you seeking to receive? One might want to feel at ease or one might want to feel challenged, for instance?

  4. What questions might you want to ask a therapist before you start? What is important to you individually? What are your goals and will this therapist assist you in meeting them? Keep in mind that you can always ask for a free consultation to determine if you and the therapist are the right fit. It is an important journey you are entering with this individual, therefore, it is encouraged to take the decision seriously.

What is important to you in a therapist and why?

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