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Grief and Loss

 ~ Grief is like a long valley, a winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape.      ~C.S. Lewis

Spring Blossom

Grief and loss can be painful and result in a myriad of emotions and responses, including denial, anger, sadness, bargaining and acceptance. 


These can be fluctuating and nonlinear, meaning they may come and go throughout the grieving process. 


This process of grieving is normal and may be resolved with time and support, including a support group. 


Sometimes, however, symptoms of anxiety and depression can accompany the grieving process and impact our functioning. And, losses are not specific to deaths, yet we can experience grief from a loss of a relationship, a job, a specific identity, etc.  It is important to feel and experience the accompanying emotions as they come. 


While we will never forget, we can learn to embrace our memories and feelings; and regain our functioning.

Therapy Can Help To: 

  • Processing through grief can assist us in normalizing and accepting our emotions

  • Assist us in navigating future losses in a healthy manner

  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression can be alleviated.

Our Work Together Could Entail:  

  • A calming environment is provided to allow your flow of emotions.

  • My ability to provide therapeutic presence and space as gained in my hospice work will allow you to process through memories and make sense of your past and future.

  • Guided exercises can be completed to facilitate healing.

  • Evidence based theories include:  Client Centered, Guided Imagery, Kubler-Ross Model, Gestalt Theory

Helpful Resources

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Upcoming Groups and other offerings 

~Provided as more information is available.

You can embrace your feelings and memories...

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