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Unlock the potential of your mental health with Deeper Insights Therapy.

Clinical Supervision

~ In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they are not.     ~Albert Einstein

Orange Dahlia

Clinical supervision is offered in group or individual formats. 


I am qualified to supervise both registered interns going toward licensure as an LMHC or an LCSW. 


We can discuss locations and needs that are specific to the individual intern.

Clinical Trauma Professional Level II

What can be gained: 

  • Discuss case scenarios and the application of clinical theories

  • Minimize the possibilities of compassion fatigue and burn out by discussing issues such as countertransference and the need for self care

Helpful Resource 

Videos and Articles Coming Soon!

Other offerings 

~Provided as more information is available.

Apply your knowledge and skills to practice...

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