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Unlock the potential of your mental health with Deeper Insights Therapy.


Deeper Insights Therapy is dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental health and offers individual and group Psychotherapy in person and online, clinical supervision and community education.

Are You Seeking a Sense of Calm and Balance?

Are you finding that life just seems a little more difficult to manage?

Do you feel parts of you have been lost or forgotten but you’re not sure why?

Would you like to understand how and why your mental well being might be impacted right now?

Does it feel scary and vulnerable to reach out to discuss these things?

How might it feel to have a safe environment to express your emotions, find your strengths and

work toward regaining your sense of self and balance?

There is no shame in seeking consultation and assistance in these areas.


It can feel scary and vulnerable in doing so but that’s OK – being vulnerable in a safe place can help us grow and change.

Mental health is an important dimension of our overall health.

Just as we seek a professional to understand the reasons, treatments and prevention strategies for a physical health issue, we can do the same for our mental health.


Why should it have to be different?



My name is Heather Burroughs

It is a brave decision you have made to come forward to start or continue your quest for growth. Choosing the right clinician for your personal journey is very important.   

Deeper insights Therapy of Orlando. Meet Heather Burroughs

~Be faithful to that which exists...within yourself. 
                                                ~Andre Gide

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